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Waste and Water

Updated: Mar 30

I love nothing more than the untouched beauty of nature. Invading every part of our daily lives, pollution has become a part of our landscape and ecosystem. All my time I have spent on the water or deep in the woods, without fail, I have encountered trash. Whether I am fishing, hiking, or just enjoying the view, it is impossible to ignore this massive thorn in the side. Effects of mindless littering has far reaching consequences on wildlife and their ecosystems that go deep below the surface. With numerous other ways we disrespect our environment, litter can seem insignificant but it can be the first step to a cleaner future..

Saving the world seems like an impossible task but no big goals are ever met without small consistent improvements. If you are able to make the world around just a little bit better with minimal effort, Why wouldn’t you start now? Two people making a 1% difference on a consistent daily basis will improve their local waterway or hiking trail by 100% in a little less than two months. Building habits that encourage small improvements slowly build exponential and fortified improvements, supporting clean ecosystems. Effects of being mindful of your litter at your local park or waterway are beneficial and picking up after others can extend beyond your local ecosystem and improve woods and waterways affecting corners of outdoors we may never reach otherwise. 

 I humbly ask you to make a habit to donate just a moment of your time each day to stuff that wrapper in your pocket and not ignore the crushed can you walk right over. You aren't going to look cool doing it, you will get your hands dirty, and no one is going to give you a gold star. However, this seemingly insignificant investment of your time and energy will bring you, your children, and everyone else with an improved outdoor experience for you and the wildlife that call the outdoors home. Healthier ecosystems create healthier humans, providing bountiful fisheries and plentiful game to sustain our consumption habits. 

Join me in my quest for improving the planet by getting out there and getting your hands dirty! It starts with you!

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