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The Opening

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As a dazzling full moon creeps over a clear and quiet valley, I sit rotting on the couch as dread of looming exams slowly sets in. I get a text from my friend Jack. "Night hike rn." Our brains, on the same wavelength, starved for a slice of wilderness cooked to perfection. Before we knew it, we were careening up a chaotically craggy road, on the way to a serene mountain top outlook with our friend Matt.

Lustrous moon beams peeled back the looming canopy to reveal an aggressively rocky hillclimb. After conquering the hill and searching for forgotten trails, we staked our claim for the evening. Surveying all our domain had to offer, we wandered along down the mountain towards a whispering stream. Coming across a small waterfall we looked up to see a perfectly carved window between the branches. Casting an eerie yet comforting glow, the moon beckoned us to pause and bask in its light. With wisdom gained on the quest thus far, Matt decided the name of this newfound oasis, Circus Maximus.

While trekking back up the mountain, the wind whispered a refreshing breeze, convincing us to gather wood for a fire. Our overland vessel stood guard while we returned from yet another successful side quest. With a single spark, we were reminiscing our recent adventures as the chaotic cinders invited in ideas for what the rest of the evening had in store. Conversation burned brightly, dimming the from white to a deep crimson glow, as the lunar light lowered beneath the canopy. The starving flame left us to our last resorts for warmth, connection through conversation along with our obscure headdress; a durag, beanie, and babushka. As connection cooled from the chill of the night, we sleepily piled in Jack's off-road machine and reluctantly returned to civilization. We hungered for yet another another quest before our plates were clean.

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