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My name is Adam Tabet

 My mission is to inspire people share their stories and encouraging others to create more than they consume. My goal is for everyone to develop deeper relationships in their community and with their environment for a cleaner tide and more creative future. I believe that everyone should be able to freely share their stories because stories are pieces of our soul that come together and unite us. I dream of a unity that is not only felt in communities at the smallest level, but one that extends to all corners of the world. Unity through story transcends through time, bringing us closer together as it passes and after we turn to dust.  I share my own story by capturing the natural world and sharing it with my own artistic interpretation. 


Birthed from an obsession with National Geographic magazines and taking photos with an iPod touch, my love for photography and sharing how I see the world has been a way of life. I am from Chesapeake, Virginia who grew up adventuring in my local marshes, creeks, woods and open water. I am a photographer, conservationist, captain, outdoorsman, craftsman, hunter, and angler. I am currently pursuing a Media Arts and Design degree with a concentration in Creative Advertising at James Madison University. While at JMU,  I enjoy adventuring throughout Appalachia along with filming and editing for the JMU Sports Creative Video Team and working with the ESPN+ crew to produce live broadcasts of JMU's home games. In my free time, you will find me exploring the outdoors with my camera. I am always looking for new opportunities and adventures to get my hands dirty, test my limits, and learn something new!

Portrait by Christopher Timothy
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Matted Print Bundles*

1 print sold = 1 less pound of trash does not sound like a lot, but with bundles of prints, your business can help make a substantial environmental impact while sharing and supporting your local ecosystems and art culture.  

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